Mask wearing is required to attend the remaining performances of our 40th Anniversary Season.

Due to a recent spike in Covid-19 cases, proof of vaccination and photo ID are also required


If you recently recovered from COVID-19, you should also present documentation of recovery.

See the "Details" Page for more information, or just call or email.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!
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Market Square Concerts Season 2021-22
Great chamber music for your mind and heart

This season we celebrate not only this anniversary, but also the ever-evolving mosaic of meaning that chamber music has grown into.

Over the last three centuries performers and composers of vastly
different backgrounds have enriched this art form with their contributions and ensured its relevance to contemporary experience. When Haydn created his sublime and clever string quartets as a pastime for aristocracy, he didn’t know that same four instruments will be used by Shostakovich to capture the horrors of life under totalitarian dictatorship, and Schubert certainly didn’t anticipate his string quartets being successfully reimagined by four saxophones, because the instruments didn’t even exist during his lifetime. The current explosion of creativity in chamber music is exciting. It includes new combinations of instruments, it is infused with stylistic influences from all over the world and musicians today also pay homage to many unjustly overlooked composers from the past.

We hope that you will join us as we celebrate our 40th anniversary and experience the richness and vitality of our beloved art form.

Peter Sirotin
Market Square Concerts

Since 1981, Market Square Concerts has been dedicated to the presentation of a wide repertoire of chamber music performed by distinguished professional artists, both established and emerging. Our mission also includes education and engagement of the general public in chamber music as an art form, as well as collaboration with other arts organizations and community partnerships. With an annual summer festival and six concerts in the regular season, Market Square Concerts presents premieres of newly composed music as well as the monumental works from the most revered composers from the past and present.

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